Residential Tinting

In our great Australian climate, we love the light and colours that the sun delivers – but not the damage that it does to our furniture and furnishings.  Residential Tinting will help protect your home from the harsh damage that the great Australian Sun can deliver. 

Our 37 years of experience allow us to provide the best solutions from our portfolio for your heat, glare, privacy and UV issues that tinting your home can provide.

Tinting the windows of your home can deliver the following benefits:

  • Reject 99% of the damaging UV Rays that cause 40% of the cause of fading and damage your families skin.
  • Reject between 40 – 78% of heat entering through your windows
  • Reduce biting glare by up to 95%
  • Increase your privacy by restricting daytime vision into your home

Some of our films will even retain heat within your home!

For your best residential tinting solution contact us.

At Sunrise Window Tinting we use the best possible window films from Solargard and SunTek to give you a complete range to choose from to suit your requirements, taste and décor. We have a wide range of frosting and privacy films to apply to your glass for a durable sandblasted or frosted effect, which is popular for providing privacy (day & night) in bathrooms, laundries, balconies and also for entrance glass and front doors. Many of our products we offer are warranted for 10 years or more and many come with lifetime warranties for the original purchaser – all backed by our global manufacturers. See more of our work in our tinting gallery

In addition to other benefits apply window film to your home will 

  • Increase safety by holding glass together in the event of an accident
  • Increase daytime privacy (depending on the product selected)
  • No bubbles, no troubles guaranteed